Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009: the fruit

Wine Pulse

In July 2009, nothing could have let us foresee that this would be the vintage of paroxysmal fruit. A cold winter followed by a mild and rainy spring; a difficult flowering season with strong downy mildew pressure, worsened by thunderstorms in July: things were not looking bright until a perfect month of August. The weather turned dry and hot until the end of harvest, with the exception of some hail on Hautvillers, Verzenay and Chouilly at the beginning of September. The harvest, which started on September 12, was idyllic. The grapes, in perfect condition, showed an incredible level of maturity.


The fruit. The rich, ripe yet fresh fruit. This is what I will remember from 2009: the paroxysmal fruit and its promise of energy, freshness and texture in the wine to come. 2009 is a seminal vintage, along with 2003, 1996 or 1990. And it might never have existed if not for those vintages and the experience we were able to accumulate.


Let us go back to the fruit. In Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009, the fruit is superlative, majestic: plump, profound, intense yet weightless. We might never equal such ripeness again. The influence of the fruit on the nose is clear: guava, pomelo, white peach, nectarine… On the palate, the fruit becomes tactile: the wine is vibrant, full of energy. The finish is a subtle play between effervescence, tannins and salinity.


The active maturation in our cellars has sublimated the fruit of 2009. In Dom Pérignon Vintage 2009 I find a principle of reciprocity: ever more of the vintage in Dom Pérignon; ever more of Dom Pérignon in the vintage.

Richard Geoffroy

Richard Geoffroy, Creator and Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon since 1990.