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It’s very simple, this rosé is the best I’ve ever enjoyed.

It's very simple, this rosé is the best I've ever enjoyed. The weather in 2005 had an interesting story leading to the decision to either pick early and lose potential grape quality or to pick later and lose potential yield. Choosing the latter, this limited volume Pinot Noir has developed into a wonderful champagne. For dinner, this was paired with a yellowtail hamachi crudo: Radish-Cucumber-Scallion-Kaffir Lime Emulsion. #domperignon #domperignonrose#champagneworldwide #FourTwoTwenty #champagne

The main event, the talk of the town

The main event, the talk of the town...for starters, my first glass poured I accidentally knocked it over, spilling 100% & breaking the glass. My second glass, first taste, was refreshing. The P2 has spent an additional nine years ageing on its lees, total 2001 to 2016. For dinner, Maine Lobster: sweet corn flan - applewood smoked bacon - escarole lobster - tarragon vinaigrette. If the opportunity presents itself, enjoy this P2 along with the memories! Looking forward to the third plénitude. #domperignon#domperignonp2 #champagne#champagneworldwide #FourTwoTwenty

Richard Geoffroy

Richard Geoffroy, Creator and Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon since 1990.