Dom Pérignon P2 2000: the insolent coherence

Wine Pulse

When Dom Pérignon Vintage 2000 was released, I knew it was a classic: complete, tactile, balanced. These obvious traits were in fact hiding an elusive depth, an ambivalent character. Austere yet seductive, precise yet caressing, the wine was ever-changing and evolving—much as the year 2000 and its weather marked by alternating episodes of cold and warmth.


17 years later, as I taste Dom Pérignon P2 2000, I think to myself: “this is what the plénitudes are all about.” I confront the wine in my glass with the one in my memories, and I can’t help but notice that the wine has grown: its facets are better delineated, its edges sharper, the global impression more accomplished. This is the magic of the maturation on the lees, in our cellars: the balance of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2000 has expanded into the insolent coherence of Dom Pérignon P2 2000.


Dom Pérignon P2 2000 is indeed best defined by this impression of coherence. The harmony is in motion, the wine is reinventing itself as I drink it. The nose is lively, invigorating, generous. Am I in a wheat field in summer? In a baker’s shop? Hints of bergamot and stone fruits break my reverie. I put the wine in my mouth: it is assertive, vibrant. Its viscosity better highlights all its contours. Graceful and light, it dances around until the finish, where licorice and toasted malt blend with each other…

Richard Geoffroy

Richard Geoffroy, Creator and Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon since 1990.