Creating an experience

Food Pairing

Every new vintage of Dom Pérignon follows its own path. In these early stages when the wine is about to be revealed, we feel the need to expand our horizons beyond the universe of wine. I like to surround myself with Dom Pérignon friends from varied backgrounds and cultures: we taste the new vintage together and share our feelings about the wine, each with our own perspective and language. We are at liberty to wander into worlds beyond wine such as gastronomy, design, architecture…

I put a special emphasis on gastronomy, though, as it feels like the most natural companion to wine. The ideas we have gathered turn into ingredients… into dishes… into a menu… and ultimately into a narrative. Food resonates with the wine and allows us to reveal each of the vintage’s facets and to reach a higher perception of that specific vintage—and ultimately, of Dom Pérignon’s singularity.

When it is finally time for our guests to discover the new vintage, the experience we have created guides them through an evocative journey. We talk, we share and we listen: reaching out helps us gather ideas that will fuel our next creative endeavour. Hopefully we, in return, have managed to arouse emotions that will turn into fond memories.

Richard Geoffroy

Richard Geoffroy, Creator and Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon since 1990.